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Generate AI avatar videos in minutes by inputting a script and utilizing the Text-to-Speech feature in over 80 languages. Choose from prebuilt video templates and create professional videos using the user-friendly online video editor.

More Details About DeepBrain

Generate realistic AI avatar videos in 5 minutes or less with DeepBrain AI

Transform basic text into captivating videos by entering a script. Let the AI editor's Text-to-Speech feature go to work generating a voiceover. You can choose your voiceover in one of more than 80 languages.

Prebuilt video templates for training guides, how-to videos, marketing videos, explainer videos, news videos, and social media templates for YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram, mean you don't have to start from scratch. Adapt a template to save time and get the style your brand needs.

With multilingual support, you won't have to hire an army of translators.

Anyone can quickly create professional-level videos in the online video editor. Add features like closed captions or background music by dragging them into your project.

There are more than 100 AI avatars, each with its own unique personality, ready to support your video productions. And you can go global because the software supports over 55 languages.

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