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Virat Kohli ODI hundred no 26 against New Zealand

Virat Kohli ODI Hundred No. 26

Virat Kohli ODI Hundred No. 26

Virat Kohli‘s Run: 154*

Against: New ZealandNew Zealand

Venue: IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali

Match Date: 23 October 2016

Match Result: India Won

There was not a single ODI that Kohli played between January and October. Kohli broke his webbing during his insane 973-run IPL season, forcing him to miss some time. When Kohli first returned to the ODI setup, he defeated New Zealand at home with an unbeaten 85. A week later, he backed it up with a 154, which at the time was his second-highest total in the format. To help India win, Kohli and captain Dhoni put up a 151-run stand that included 16 fours and a six. At number four, Dhoni elevated himself, and on number six, Kohli was removed. All that VK needed was luck.

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