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Vidnoz Flex

Vidnoz Flex

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Vidnoz Flex is a simple yet powerful video tool from Vidnoz, combines video creation, personalization, sharing, and monitor features at one place.

More Details About Vidnoz Flex

Vidnoz Flex make all your video speak up powerfully to boost involvement and conversion! As it offers main features below:

To start the video creation, you can record screen with webcam, or add local files to start the creation.

Want to increase your video involvement? You can add responsive download or buy buttons, polls, and user forms that help the audience click on your video.

Share your video to the popular social media, then you can get a large number of views.

Track your video performance and you can know your audience's behavior and habit. Monitor all key video data including Total Plays, Unique Viewers, Watch Rate, Reactions, etc. Which will help you do efficient content optimization and you can make more excellent videos.

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