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Reword combines AI, collaboration, and research tools to create engaging content, further enhanced with seamless WordPress integration for automatic syncing and updates. Train Reword on your content for better results.

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Reword combines AI, collaboration, and research tools to create engaging content, further enhanced with seamless WordPress integration for automatic syncing and updates.

You can now train Reword on your content, tone of voice, and writing style. Upload materials like PDFs or specify URLs to get factual, relevant, and up-to-date content based on relevant source material. This will make people trust AI tools again because you're getting rid of false and useless information from the source database.

Not only does Reword understand the complexities of content creation, but it also understands your audience. You get fresh, relevant content ideas right inside the editing interface, so you can quickly get started.

It's an AI-powered editor that assists teams in creating captivating articles, enhancing their creativity, and optimizing content for reader satisfaction, all while maintaining ethical AI practices.

Facts šŸ¤– Reword offers AI collaboration, helping teams create outstanding articles without needing to be literary geniuses. šŸŒ The platform provides seamless research integration, bringing relevant knowledge straight to the editor. šŸ“ Reword keeps the essence of your writing intact, using AI trained on your previously published work. šŸ”— AI Enrich feature adds natural internal links, enhancing the article's structure and flow. šŸ” Reword optimizes content by identifying opportunities, detecting weak areas, and suggesting improvements. šŸ“ˆ The platform connects writers to results with version control, allowing for better content tracking. šŸ¤ Reword encourages ethical AI practices and transparency in writing.

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The includes an advanced image analysis, automation of Img Alt text creation, language support expansion (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, Italian), and a Chrome extension designed for a simplified content management process.

CopywritingFreemium is a customized plugin specifically designed for WordPress/WooCommerce platforms, aimed at automating the process of generating product text and meta descriptions. This plugin offers the convenience of creating text for individual products or multiple products simultaneously. It seamlessly integrates with WordPress/WooCommerce, guaranteeing a user-friendly experience, especially for beginners. stands out in producing top-notch, SEO-friendly meta titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, and Open Graph texts. It provides the flexibility to choose between ' Single' and ' Bulk' modes to optimize efficiency in generating content. Moreover, there are no limitations on the number of users or web shop installations per account, allowing for unlimited usage and scalability.

Copy AI

Copy AI


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An e-commerce operations toolkit that helps automate product listings and content creation



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