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Podium is an AI-powered copywriter for podcasts. Its unique combination of public AI tools with proprietary tech saves podcasters money and allows them to reach a wider audience—all the while automating their podcast production process.

More Details About Podium

Podium is an AI Copywriter for Podcast Show Notes, Articles, Social Posts, and More!

Save time and gain a competitive edge by using AI-powered technologies that help you automate podcast production.

Podium provides adaptable plans to suit varying needs, and uniquely integrates proprietary AI with public resources like GPT-3 and ChatGPT for podcast-specific tasks, appealing to diverse users from budget podcasters to professional studios.

  • Save hours of time and hundreds (or thousands) of dollars while reaching larger audiences
  • Automated summaries of your episodes and chapters help you write shownotes faster.
  • Automated transcript that will make your podcast more accessible, searchable and shareable in TXT and VTT formats
  • Segment your podcast into topics, with an easy-to-read format. Ready for Spotify and YouTube

Podium stands out by blending publicly accessible tools like GPT-3 and ChatGPT with proprietary AI, specifically designed for podcasts, enabling unique features like finding clips and creating chapters, which most similar tools can't achieve.

Alternatives: Recast Studio, Podcastle, Descript

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