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Recruitment software solution provides organizations with a variety of AI-based tools to facilitate candidate sourcing, tracking, and hiring.

More Details About Manatal

Manatal streamlines the hiring process for HR teams, recruitment agencies, and headhunters.

  • Intuitive design that allows for a streamlined recruitment pipeline and a visual representation of the entire process using a Kanban board.
  • Publish your open positions on more than 2,500 sites, both free and paid, such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and more.
  • The Manatal AI Engine makes AI-powered suggestions to streamline the hiring process by identifying top applicants and handling mundane administrative tasks.
  • Profiles of job applicants are augmented by information collected from over 20 different public and social media sources.
  • Easy-to-edit, no-code landing pages for recruiting that let companies present themselves in the best possible light.

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