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DocXter is an AI-powered document intelligence tool that can chat with any pdf and document, and extracts key information so you don't have to read through them manually.

More Details About DocXter

DocXter is a smart, simple, and easy-to-use document intelligence application. It enables you to extract valuable information from a document. Stop the mundane process of sifting through document(s). Find the information you're looking for, in an instant!

Why read documents, when you can talk to them?

What does DocXter offer?

Students, Professionals, and even Businesses often struggle to extract vital information from documents.

The human attention span is short and often misses details from documents.

DocXter overcomes this challenge with advanced AI algorithms. It reads and analyzes the contents of the uploaded document(s).

It gives answers to any questions based on the document. All in a simple and easy language.

For example, assuming an analyst takes 10 minutes to review a single report. How about something that takes the same time, but instead crunches 100 reports?

Now, scale those 100 reports to 10,000. It would take approximately 100,000 minutes or 1,667 hours. This is equal to over 69.4 days of non-stop work. DocXter enables you to do it better and faster!

With DocXter, you not only save time and resources. Extract valuable information to perform and showcase excellence.

An AI tool to give you an edge in today's dynamic world!

The applications are endless!


You! It's for people who want to become more productive, efficient, and of course, smarter!

Students, Teachers, Working Professionals, and Businesses. One thing that is common is documents. It can be books, reports, legal documents, or technical documentation.

DocXter takes care of the reading part. What you get are precise and accurate answers, in an interactive manner. Take your learning journey to the next level!

To Efficiency and Smartness 😎

A one-click upload and use DocXter's AI-powered engine to extract any information.

You can ask any question like "What's the document all about?", "Explain it to me like I'm new to this", etc.

The Question is Yours! Get answers, in the language you speak, the way you want, without even opening the document!

How cool is that, right?


Powering DocXter, is a smart generative AI-powered platform, FosterX.

Developed to offer many applications and capabilities to students, professionals, and businesses.

DocXter is one of its implementations. It is scalable, customizable, and molded to match custom requirements too!

Talk to us to learn more about its Enterprise-grade applications!

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