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**Chat** by is probably the best AI content writing software thanks to some unique and incredibly useful features. Real-time data helps research and create long form content. Add your brand voice and improve content in seconds. Rewrite entire paragraphs with a click.

More Details About Copy AI

"Chat" by the excellent copywriting tool is probably the best ChatGPT alternative at the moment. This tool's major advantage is that it uses real-time data to assist you in researching, creating, and producing content. You can also add different brand voice by pasting blog posts and saving for future use.

Copy AI can scrape websites, personalize sales outreach, summarize YouTube videos, and analyze LinkedIn. It offers time-saving features like content brief creation and detailed bullet points from YouTube videos. Free plan available.

Unlike ChatGPT, which is only trained on data up to 2021, Chat by uses the latest, up-to-date data so your content is fresh. 

Scrape websites for public data, write customised text for sales outreach, summarise YouTube videos into essential bullet points, or analyse how prospects engage on LinkedIn. was one of the very first copywriting tools to harness AI, and the Chat feature is the latest powerful feature in this well-rounded writing assistant. Some very helpful and massive time-saving features include the ability to create detailed content briefs from a single keyword or generate detailed bullet points from YouTube videos. 

Free plan available.

Alternatives: SudoWrite, WriteSonic, Jasper, Creaitor, WordPlay, Kafkai, AnyWord

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The includes an advanced image analysis, automation of Img Alt text creation, language support expansion (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, Italian), and a Chrome extension designed for a simplified content management process.

CopywritingFreemium is a customized plugin specifically designed for WordPress/WooCommerce platforms, aimed at automating the process of generating product text and meta descriptions. This plugin offers the convenience of creating text for individual products or multiple products simultaneously. It seamlessly integrates with WordPress/WooCommerce, guaranteeing a user-friendly experience, especially for beginners. stands out in producing top-notch, SEO-friendly meta titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, and Open Graph texts. It provides the flexibility to choose between ' Single' and ' Bulk' modes to optimize efficiency in generating content. Moreover, there are no limitations on the number of users or web shop installations per account, allowing for unlimited usage and scalability.



Reword combines AI, collaboration, and research tools to create engaging content, further enhanced with seamless WordPress integration for automatic syncing and updates




An e-commerce operations toolkit that helps automate product listings and content creation



Research keywords, create content briefs and templates, write and optimize your articles

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