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Airgram helps you manage, record, and summarize your online meetings from Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams—so that you can concentrate on discussions rather than note-taking.

More Details About Airgram

Airgram is a GPT-4 powered AI meeting assistant that can record, transcribe, and summarize online meetings held on Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

Focus on your meetings, not your note-taking.

  • Integrates with productivity tools like Notion, Zapier, and Hubspot.
  • With its proficiency in seven languages—English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese among them—Airgram is like multilingual autotranslate tool at the meeting table.
  • Airgram uses AI and machine learning to turn meeting notes into actionable insights.
  • Extract meeting highlights and turn them into shareable video clips.
  • Airgram's transcripts are remarkably accurate, consistently delivering 80% to 95% accuracy. Whether you're brainstorming or giving a speech, your words will be captured and nothing will get lost in translation.

Alternatives: Sembly, tl;dv

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